Piscifactoria EL DIVISO

Our Products: No Chemicals, No Antibiotics, No Hormones

As a physician and Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (Tulane University), our founder, Dr. Alvaro Duenas Lehmann clearly understood the impact of poor husbandry, malnutrition and stress in favor of epizootics in any population. He repeatedly claimed that "preventing is easier than curing... keeping a clean environment will do more good than any disinfectant". This premise has always inspired our production and health-management policies.

We keep our troughs and raceways very clean; we spend many labor-hours every day in brush-cleaning. We control stocking densities by splitting groups more often. This reduces stress, another way of preventing disease without the use of chemical or veterinary products.

Our feed is produced by local industrial mills which follow-up their products, and work hand-in-hand with us to continuously evaluate and improve

Our good aquaculture practices
absolutely exclude  the use of chemicals, veterinary drugs and hormones.

Every piece we deliver is carefully hand-crafted to satisfy our most demanding customers. EL DIVISO trout is available with or without salmon-color pigment, fresh or frozen, whole, boneless or fillet, with or without pin-bones.

Special custom-order packing is available upon request.