Piscifactoria EL DIVISO

Our Company: Sustainable Production in Harmony with Nature

Located on the outskirts of the colonial city of Popayan, Piscifactoria EL DIVISO began its first production cycle in 1980 with just a few fingerling and grow-out raceways. Facing many logistical challenges, typical of rural 1980's Colombia (poorly maintained roads, no electric power, no telephones), but looking at a pure and abundant water source draining from the peaks of the Colombian Andes, Dr. Alvaro Duenas Lehmann, M.D., led the founding team to persevere past neophyte fish farmers' failures that would have discouraged the most daring entrepreneurs.

Today, EL DIVISO leads Colombia's trout exports as its only trout processor licensed for the European Union market (EU 0011-94).


Our original project design included a small hydroelectric system to provide the power needed for coolers and feed mill.  Later, a larger integrated power system became our main source of electricity, backed by the national electric grid and our own diesel generators.

Our hydroelectric plant provides a clean and environmentally-friendly power source, because it does not burn any fuel: gravity moves water downhill through pressure pipes to drive hydraulic turbines; then generators transform the kinetic energy into electricity.

EL DIVISO is a great example of sustainable production in harmony with nature, a perfect balance between modern technology and a well preserved natural habitat.

Our local rural community provides a top quality workforce, devoted for the past three decades to carefully "hand-craft" all our products. We manage production
365 days a year, all the way from hatching eggs, hand-feeding a dozen times per day, cleaning troughs and raceways, monitoring water quality and flow through the entire system. Our professional team handles all fish according to a carefully designed production plan.

Our production record-keeping system provides reliable traceability for each and every carton we pack, all the way back to the hatchery. We harvest 6 days a week to supply our own processing plant. None other but our own farmed-raised trout run through our plant. We process and deliver fresh and frozen rainbow trout 52 weeks a year.

EL DIVISO is synonymous for consistent quality and supply year-round.

The company is currently directed by two of the founding partners:
Juan Manuel Duenas and Alfredo Duenas.

If you wish to receive further information about our company, please contact us.