Piscifactoria EL DIVISO

Home: Rainbow Trout from the Colombian Andes

EL DIVISO has been producing high quality trout for Colombia since 1980;  we export to Europe and to the United States since 1990.

Our farms have coexisted in harmony with wildlife in the Colombian Andes for the past 30 years.

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Our good aquaculture practices
absolutely exclude any use of chemicals, veterinary drugs and hormones.

Our respect and concern for natural resources guarantee a sustainable production for years to come.

Hatchery, fry, fingerling and grow-out raceways are owned by
EL DIVISO and managed by a well-experienced professional team.

Over 80 local rural community employees have found an opportunity to make a good living without migrating to urban areas.

Our HACCP and EU certified processing plant is located just a walking distance from the raceways; we process only our farm-raised trout.